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👋 Hello and welcome! If you’re looking to dive deep into the realms of Data Science, App Development, Augmented Reality, CAD Automation, and so much more, you’ve landed at the perfect spot.

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Parthiban Kannan

I am the CEO of Aatomz Researhc and a Digital Transformation Expert with over 12 years of hands-on experience across a range of industries and technologies.

I specialize in delivering application development solutions that leverage the power of data science, data analysis App development, Augmented Reality, and cutting-edge technologies.

Whether it’s revolutionizing manufacturing processes through IoT integration, enhancing user experiences with AR applications, or automating intricate CAD tasks, my commitment is to provide tangible results.

Let’s collaborate to unlock the potential of these technologies and drive your industry towards a brighter, more efficient future.

Career 99

Stuck in a career you don’t love? Transform your professional life in just 99 days with the Career 99 program. This program offers highly effective ways to get your JOB in Data Scienc, Data Analysis, App Development,.


Are you eager to take your business or academic institution to new heights? Invite me to lead a dynamic App Development workshop, where I’ll guide you through the precise strategies needed to achieve your goals.

For a decade, as a seasoned professional with experience in R&D, I’ve successfully executed and led digital transofrmation projects in the various domains…

application development

machine design & automation

augmented reality

data science

data analytics

finite element analysis & automaton

iOt & digital twin


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Faculty Developm¯ent Program

Faculty Development Program (AICTE – 2021)

As a Chief Guest delivered a million-dollar solution to solve the Engineering JOB problems in the inauguration speech at the Faculty Development Training Program (AICTE) conducted by the Chennai Institute of[…]

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Panel Discussion CAD Automation

Design Automation – Panel Discussion

Don’t miss it—here another excellent opportunity for freshers, students and mechanical design engineers. We are going to talk about CAD Automation. The discussion includes how did we change our career[…]

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My 1st Failure

Dear followers, I am here again with another volunteer program, “My 1st Mistake.” This program is for Students, Freshers and Design Engineering Professionals (Beginner level). I am going to discuss[…]

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