My 1st Failure

Dear followers, I am here again with another volunteer program, “My 1st Mistake.” This program is for Students, Freshers and Design Engineering Professionals (Beginner level). I am going to discuss how my 1st interview after my Engineering Training, how it has changed my entire professional path. What I thought design engineer is, but what really it is? Once, I did realize how did I change my approach. And many more with answering your Design Engineering professional related queries. It is 100%, not a presentation meeting. It’s just a discussion to reveal the truth about design engineers mentality. Don’t hesitate to attend this 30 minutes discussion, and I guarantee you that you can save a couple of years in your career before facing the same problem. Interested candidates comment or DM to get meeting link. I will share the meeting link two days before the venue.
Date: 30th May 2021 from 04.00 PM to 04.30 PM

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