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Towards Your Passion - Career Transition Workshop

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What Happens - theparthee's Career Transition Workshop

3 things you can learn in 2 hours!

1. Explore the 3 Fundamental Activities Employed by Successful Career Transformers – the Blueprint to Kickstart Your Career Transition Journey.

2. Discover the 3 Actions to add relevant experience to your profile, empowering you to apply for the right job with confidence.

3. Learn the 3 Ingredients to confidently negotiate your expected salary during career transition.

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theparthee's career transition workshop

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Throughout my career I’ve delivered 100+ successful projects on 13+ domains on 5 orgnaizations with 97% success. I have volunteered 50+ pograms for career enhancementand mentored 1000+ students all over India. 

Career Transition Workshop - Crafted for the Reason









Career Guidance Program at Government College of Technology - Coimbatore

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely. While the program is specifically tailored for professionals seeking a career change, the core concepts are equally applicable to non-IT students. This enables you to grasp the strategies behind securing a job in the IT industry.

This program primarily focuses on facilitating a career change from Non-IT to IT. However, if you find yourself uncertain about the next steps to secure a job, this program will provide guidance for off-campus job placement.

This program doesn't aim to teach coding or programming. It is a strategic planning program designed to guide you on how to initiate your career in IT. It assists you in understanding a series of steps to enter the IT domain

Yes! With no questions asked, 100% you will get a refund if you're not satisfied after the program. You need to send a mail for a refund request to Your refund will be processed in 2 days.

You can drop us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We will be happy to help you.

The fee does not reflect the true value of the program; it is merely a means to filter dedicated candidates during online registration and prevent unnecessary seat occupancy.

This is a live program conducted by Parthiban with no recording provision. Additionally, it is imperative, from a legal standpoint, that participants refrain from recording the session through any medium upon joining the program.

This program is carefully designed to facilitate the transition of professionals from any domain to digital transformation, information technology, and artificial intelligence, covering nearly 95% of career domains. For specific domain-related inquiries, please feel free to send us a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and we will be delighted to assist you

You are welcome to attend this meeting in upcoming sessions. However, please refrain from joining on the scheduled date

Ensure a stable internet connection, a laptop/desktop with quality speakers, and have a note and pen ready for taking notes.