Value Added Programs

Faculty Developm¯ent Program

Faculty Development Program (AICTE – 2021)

As a Chief Guest delivered a million-dollar solution to solve the Engineering JOB problems in the inauguration speech at the Faculty Development Training Program (AICTE) conducted by the Chennai Institute of Technology.  Only professors can solve the existing engineering JOB problems.No one else. It’s not about the job gap, it’s about the knowledge gap of how…
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Panel Discussion CAD Automation

Design Automation – Panel Discussion

Don’t miss it—here another excellent opportunity for freshers, students and mechanical design engineers. We are going to talk about CAD Automation. The discussion includes how did we change our career from the design profession. Can anyone do this w/o knowing the basics of programming skills? We are going to answer all your queries about CAD…
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My 1st Failure

Dear followers, I am here again with another volunteer program, “My 1st Mistake.” This program is for Students, Freshers and Design Engineering Professionals (Beginner level). I am going to discuss how my 1st interview after my Engineering Training, how it has changed my entire professional path. What I thought design engineer is, but what really…
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AR Meet by pktags

AR Talk 2021

30 minutes can change your career towards a digital life. Do you know how Augmented Reality (AR) going to revolutionize the manufacturing industries?. Here my another volunteer program to talk about AR for industries. It is a volunteer google meet program for Mechanical Engineering students, freshers and Design engineers who would like to enhance their…
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April AR. by#pktags

April AR – 2021

— 👋 #OfferingHelp: Career Coaching, Volunteer WorkDear engineering students, freshers and job seekers,As a part of my vision, here my another volunteer activity, “April AR 2021”, to guide you to build your career in Augmented Reality (AR). Digital transformation already started to change the industries towards digitalization, and Augmented Reality is a part of it. It…
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Lets Talk 10 minutes Season 2

Let’s Talk 10 minutes – Season 2

Dear Engineering Students, Here my volunteer activity to guide you on the right path to achieve your dream career. I answer your queries on the call with you for 10 minutes related to career awareness, including approaching a job, skills needed, job markets reality, how to prepare and tackle interviews, etc. Please read the instructions. This program…
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mock interview

Mock Interview Feb-2021

Dear #freshers & #students, we are hosting a volunteer mock interview program for Mechanical Design. Get instant feedback about your performance from experienced industrial thought leaders. Interviewers & advisors are Abarajithan Selvaraj, RAJESH KUMAR, Ragul Ramanathan and Parthiban Kannan Interested candidates register in this link. #engineering#jobseekers#job#mechanicalengineering#career#fresher#freshers#engineers#mechanicalengineer#designengineer

Resume Review by #pktags

Resume Review

— 👋 #OfferingHelp: Resume Reviews, Volunteer Work.If you’re the one applied for many jobs and didn’t receive any response so far, it is a matter of your resume and the applied methodology. Many students are missing their job opportunity without knowing the truth behind the interview process. On part of my vision and though leadership process,…
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Technical Workshop – Artificial Intelligence

I have delivered the topic “Artificial Intelligence in Industries” – a technical workshop hosted by Chennai Institute of Technology on 23rd Dec 2020. Here I talked about how a newbie can start their journey in the AI field, the step-by-step learning process, Tools and frameworks to use for research and productive environment, Skills needed for…
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I'Am listening by #pktags

I am Listening

Here my 4th Volunteer program “I’m Listening.” Would you like to attend? Self-introduction is one of the critical skill which navigates to success in the interview. Some people think it is a problem in an interview, but it is a great opportunity. Indeed it helps you to take the interview questions in your knowledge area. Interested students,…
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